BB Pro Straps

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The BB Pro Straps are here to transform your cable machine work.

-Maximize your lower body exercises with extra focus on Glutes and Hamstrings

-3 D-Ring Design & Extra strap: Designed with 3 Strong metal welded “D” ring meet the requirements of a variety actions. Extra strap under your feet helps to optimize your foot’s stability to achieve maximum glute activation per rep.

-Fully Adjustable: Features a secure High Grade Nylon Velcro Strap to loosen or tighten the cuffs and secure the weight. The BB PRO Straps are very easy to put on and adjust to your desired fit

-Versatile Exercise Routines: Perfect for Cable Kickbacks, Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, and Hip Abductors. Used with Cable Systems, Functional Trainer etc.

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