Glute Activation

Glute Activation

Glute Activation

Glute Activation


Importance of Glute Activation

 Physiologically the Gluteal muscles are the strongest muscles in the human body, composed of three separate muscle that make up your Butt.

  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Gluteus Medius
  • Gluteus Minimus

There is a lot of potential in that booty, but unfortunately, our sedentary lifestyles can make it hard to activate those muscles. In today’s society we spend a mass amount of time sitting, recent studies have shown that the average person spends about 12 hours a day sitting.

Now that sounds crazy until you actually take some time to think about it. This is a result of technology. We are constantly riding in a car instead of walking or bicycling, most people make a living by working at a computer or sitting in meetings all day.

There are lots of simple ways to change a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one. So, let’s focus on what you can do to activate your glutes once you get to a workout.

 Activating the Glutes


First we need to warm up, not just to prevent injury but to get blood and oxygen flowing to our muscles to increase performance during our working sets.

Before you exercise, think about warming up your muscles like you would warm up your car. It increases the temperature and flexibility of your muscles, and helps you be more efficient and safer during your workout.

Active stretches and light cardio like walking, jogging, and cycling at a light pace are great warm-up activities. As for the booty, it may just require a little extra warm up to let your brain and your body know you are ready to work. Adding a strong and high quality band such as the BB Band in your warm up will serve to increase the activation of your gluteus medius.


Glute Activation Routine ( Booty Band Optional)

 Repeat all for a total of 2 rounds.


Donkey Kicks w/ Band 30 Reps each Leg


 Claim Shells w/ Band 20 Reps


Fire Hydrants w/Band 20 Rep Each Leg


Bridge Pose w/ Band 20 Reps